Turquoise Stone, Tumbled Stones, Healing Stones for Protection while travelling, for wealth, friendship, marriage, prosperity, empaths, for the home

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Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. Strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity and connection to the spirit world. If given a turquoise by a loving friend, that stone would protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune. The turquoise is the symbol of friendship. It also brings peace to the home. 
Turquoise can also help one receive higher guidance and direction, as well as live life with more joy and happiness. The calming and uplifting color of turquoise can bring peace and higher energy to any relationship.
Also is a stone of clear communication when giving information. The natural energy of Turquoise will help you to communicate with truth and aids you to enhance your creativity. It brings a sense of deep calm and may to help to heal emotional problems and stress...and prevents mode swings.

The price is for one Turquoise  stone between  2 /2.5 cm.

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