Key Jewelry, Rose Quartz Heart Necklace , Key Necklace

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart chakra. It purifies and opens the heart and brings inner healing and self love. It is a soothing and very calming stone, and excellent for use on emotional trauma or crisis.
These lovely Key necklaces come with a 20 inch chain with lobster closure.

Price is for one key necklace. The Key measures 8.5 cm and is very lightweight to wear. 

♥ Keys have always been endowed with a certain sort of magic. It’s believed they have the power to reveal things that were unknown or obscured before. In Far East cultures, keys are regarded as a "Good Luck" presents and a bearer of a good fortune ahead.

♥ Ancient Asian tradition believes that a Key Pendant will open physical, intellectual, or spiritual barriers. Wearing a Key Pendant would give access to riches and treasures. The key pendant is given to open new horizons and new uncharted adventures. Furthermore, it is believed that a universal key called the “Skeleton Key” will successfully unlock anything you wish for. “Skeleton Key” pendant symbolizes "New Beginnings" for the person, wearing it.

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