Opal Necklace, Heart Necklace, Mother Earth Gaia Necklace, Natural Crystal Necklace, Nature Inspired Jewelry - MONARCH OPAL

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This OOAK Monarch Opal Necklace has been handmade with polymer clay ( and with a lot of love :) Represents the Mother Earth / Gaia Goddess.

Polymer Clay is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

Measurements: 7 x 5.5 cm.

Comes with a comfortable and adjustable cotton cord until 24 inch max. 

Pictures with natural light, no flash.


OPAL MEANING - Opals promote a sense of calm security, easing stress and depression, and encouraging one to stop brooding in order to better direct one’s thoughts and energies. They are antidotes to restless thoughts and racing minds that rehash the past or anticipate the future. Opals center the mind and are stones of happy dreams, particularly soothing for children and those who have always slept badly or had recurring nightmares with no apparent reason. 

A stone of protection, Opal is a marvelous shield to keep from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts and energies. Just as it uses interference and diffraction to produce its colors, it can also run interference around challenging people or situations that affect your mood or hurt your feelings. 

Opals resonate with energies of the Mother Goddess and are exceptional gifts for mothers or mothers-to-be. Opal helps overcome fears of childbirth that may prevent a woman from trying to conceive, and can alleviate overwhelming fears during pregnancy and early months of a new baby’s life. 

Opal is a seductive stone, associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism. It can be used to intensify what one is feeling and to release inhibitions.

Opal may be utilized to send healing to the Earth’s energy field, repairing depletions, and re-energizing and stabilizing the grid. 

Opals are wonderful occupational crystals, encouraging humanitarian love and service, lightness, spontaneity and dynamic creativity. 




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