Iolite Pendant Necklace, Long Copper or Choker Necklace Iolite Jewelry

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✿ This Iolite necklace is exclusive of AliveCrystals, and it is part of an unique and beautiful collection of adjustable fine quality necklaces in copper with a high detailed design. The stone measures 8x6 mm and the size of the pendant is 3.5 cm. The stone is AAA Quality Iolite stone.

 ✿ The necklace is very soft and comfortable to use, the length is adjustable until 24 inch maximum. You can use it as a choker or as a long necklace.

Iolite activates the third eye and facilitates visualization and intuitive insight when all the chakras are in alignment. It stimulates connection to inner knowing. Iolite aids you to express your true self, free from the expectations of those around you. At a mental level, Iolite clears thought forms.

Emotionally, this stone releases discord within relationships. As it encourages taking responsibility for yourself, it can overcome codependency within your partnership.

Healing, Iolite creates a strong constitution. It reduces fatty deposits in the body, and supports detoxification.

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