Crystals for Pain and Inflammation, Crystals for Back Pain, Crystals for Muscle Pain, Headache

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Relieve Muscle, Back, Joint Pain, Headache and also cramps of all kinds. Hold to the site of pain as you need. 

* Hematite, Malachite and Amethyst relieve pain and back pain.

* Rose Quartz soothes and calms ( very good specially for kids) and Blue Lace Agate reduces inflammation.

* Amethyst will help with headaches ( totally approved for my Mom who also suffers arthritis since a child!)

* Quartz is included to enhance the properties of the crystals. 

The size of the stones is medium  between 2 / 3 cm. 

You will receive the Crystals Set with an organza bag, the properties of each stone and the care information for your crystals. All of our crystals are perfectly cleansed before the shipment and usually sun/moon charged.


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