Chakra Incense Burner, Wooden Incense Holder + Chakra Incense Sticks Set of 12, Seven Chakras Collection Incense Yoga Gifts Spiritual Protection Deep Meditation

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This Chakra Incense Sticks Set includes:

* Chakra Incense Burner hand made in India from Sheesham wood suitable for burning incense sticks. It has been beautifully carved detailing the Seven Chakra symbols.
Measurements 10 x 1.5 inch (25.5 x 3.5cm)

* Box of Chakra Incense, the smell covers all the chakras and includes 12 sticks with 100% hand rolled natural ingredients (herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils). Some lovely reviews tell us that the smell is exquisite !
Burning time of each Incense stick is approximately 45 - 60 minutes



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