Blue Kyanite Necklace Silver Raw Kyanite Pendant Necklace, Healing Crystal Necklace, Blue Kyanite Jewelry, Indigo Kyanite

These Blue Kyanite necklace pendants come in a 18 inch silver plated chain nickel free . The pendant measures 3 cm/5cm aprox. The price is for one necklace.

Kyanite is excellent for meditation. It is tranquilizing and powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies. Kyanite aligns all the chakras and restores Qi (life force) to the physical body and its organs.
As Kyanite does not hold negativity, it never requires cleaning. Psychologically, kyanite encourages speaking one´s truth. Opening the throat chakra, Kyanite encourages self-expression and communication.
Kyanite also is natural pain reliever.

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