Pretty Angel Aura Quartz Cluster, Opal Aura Quartz, Rainbow Aura Quartz Geode, Angel Aura Quartz for Sale - AC1

This Angel Aura Quartz Geode is more than beautiful ! You will receive the Aura Quartz Cluster that you see in in the picture.

Measurements: 9cm aprox.

Opal Aura Quartz / Rainbow Aura Quartz/ Angel Aura Quartz has rainbow color that is produced from platinum. In the same way that rainbow in the sky, stimulates hope and optimism, Angel Aura Quartz is a crystal of joy. It balances all the chakras and opens to a deep state of meditation. This crystal also heals relationships as it helps release negative emotions such as resentment or grief from the past, bringing harmonious relationships at all levels.


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